Community Involvement

Showing strong support to this region throughout the years having contributed in excess of $1 million dollars into Fort McMurray through the combined donation of time and money.

For over 30 years, Cooper & Company has been a strong supporter in the community of Fort McMurray.  Aside from providing our clients with the confidence that their legal needs are dealt with in a professional and efficient manner, we strive to show our clients that we are not simply a Fort McMurray law office, but rather an ambassador for this region.

We strongly believe that the opportunity for people to attain their goals and make their dreams a reality is present in Fort McMurray and we, as people who have witnessed firsthand the growth and sustainability of this region, pride ourselves in being able to assist in the positive growth of the region that we have come to call home.

Throughout the years, the staff at Cooper & Company have taken part in a wide variety of charitable events and community beautification projects, from getting their hands dirty while glorifying the beauty within Fort McMurray during the annual community clean-up, to raising close to $100,000 for Relay for Life.  We like to think of ourselves as advocates for a community that shows its true beauty, whether it be in the form of planting flowers and trees during Communities in Bloom or by sponsoring local youth sports teams allowing young individuals an opportunity to acquire leadership and teamwork skills through physical activity.

The lawyers and staff at our Fort McMurray law office over the course of our 30+ years of support in this community have, through the combined donation of both time and money, contributed in excess of $1 million dollars to this region.  We continue to look for ways in which we can improve the lives of others either directly or through community involvement.